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What homeschooling gives our kids right now.


My husband is a quiet storm.

He’ll being going on and on about The Wolf of Wall Street one minute, and two minutes later hit me with such a powerful bit of educational wisdom that I start to think he just saves these things up for the moments when my eyeballs gloss over.

This weekend we were chatting about Martin Scorsese movies/college (perhaps missing those years of sleeping until 11 on the weekends, eating pizza three meals a day and seeing anything that was nominated for an Oscar. Seriously. Anything.) and he offered up this gem:

In high school, I almost felt as if it was the teacher’s job to educate the kids, but when I got to college, I realized my education was my responsibility, and that’s when I started to take it seriously.”


I say again: Whoa.


True words, right? My husband went as far as to calculate the cost of his classes, and the money lost by skipping even once.

I spent the rest of the afternoon pondering his words, wondering how his philosophy applied to our current homeschooling life.

It didn’t take me long to connect some dots — that we become truly invested in our education not only when we take responsibility, but also when we’re allowed to pursue things that interest us.

I didn’t calculate the cost of my classes in college, but college was when my love or learning came back to life after a long hibernation. High school made my pursuit of knowledge almost dormant — but college, and its infinite possibilities, woke me up again.

I became a true student then, I think — and because I too was responsible for paying for the bulk of my education, I chose to take the classes that interested me.

I had never considered becoming a journalist until I saw a feature writing class advertised in the college catalog.

What if … I thought. Twenty years later, I know that I found my passion in that class.


But as homeschoolers, our children have an awesome opportunity to find their passions sooner. They don’t have to wait to pursue their interests or their dreams.

They also have the chance to take responsibility for their learning sooner.

I am starting to see my son making that transition already.

And I see how it is benefitting him. Never one to be pushed, he will spend hours reading encyclopedias if left to his own devices. He will teach himself what he wants to learn. He will search out answers.

He will … pursue.


Education shouldn’t really be about endings. Diplomas are great wall art, and those pointy square hats sure are fun, but it’s one of my greatest goals to instill a deep love of learning in my kids.

I am so grateful that homeschooling gives us the opportunity to do just that.

Right now, instead of later.

9 thoughts on “What homeschooling gives our kids right now.

  1. I wrote and developed curriculum units during the summers when I was a public school teacher. I had the opportunity to teach one of those units to my kids last year as we homeschooled. As I taught it this time not in a classroom I remember being astounded at how much time the learning took in the classroom vs home.
    Fast-forward to this year and the realization that none, simply none, of what I taught, they “learned” was remembered. I could even show you that yes, they “learned” it because I had done the assessments that went with the unit. Ahem.
    The subject had suddenly captured their interest. A few short directions, a picture and a song to help remember things and now I know they’ll never forget. Crazy.
    What DID I spend/waste all that time on creating & “teaching” that unit for? What else am I wasting time on that they simply don’t have that ownership of yet? Ack!!!!!!

  2. This is great! I am just getting out of the line of thought that we have to follow a guided curriculum to be educated and I really appreciate the simplicity and power of this post. I’m trying to find ways to articulate why I feel the choice to leave public schooling (even if it’s ONLINE public homeschooling, like I’ve been doing for the last 6 years) is such a good one and it’s articles like this that say it just perfectly! I look forward to reading more!!

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