Getting organized with Mama’s Notebooks


My friend Sharon can tell you.

Once upon a time, when I was a newspaper girl, I was also an

On our hardest days, Sharon and I would look at each other from across the newsroom and we knew that the lunch plan had just become Chinese food and a trip through Staples.

Because when I feel disorganized, I feel a little out of control.

That’s still true today.

As a freelance writer and homeschooling mama, I have tried various online calendars, and I always go back to pen and paper.

I love writing things down and crossing them off.

I like the security of seeing my planner, flipping it open, and knowing that I’m not missing anything.


So I was thrilled when I received my Weekly Homeschool Planner from my awesome sponsor, Mama’s Notebooks.

This planner has exactly what I was looking for: lots of blank pages for weekly planning (for multiple kiddos), a place to keep track of schedules, routines and chores, and even a Sick Day planning page (brilliant!).

(It’s spiral bound too — so I can leave it open to that week. Perfect.)


I also love the lists for long-term organization — field trip ideas, a materials wish list, and thoughts for the year ahead.

I’m actually going to start using mine now to plan for summer, but the undated pages allow you to begin whenever fits for your family.

Mama’s Notebooks offers several homeschooling planners, as well as budgeting notebooks, new baby notebooks and a knitting and crochet notebook to keep track of projects.

And this month, Mama’s Notebooks actually has several special offers:

All notebooks are 20 percent off in May.

There’s also a coupon code good until May 11 for an extra 10 percent off.

(That’s 30 percent off total! Wahoo!)

Just use coupon code: MOM10.

Fun, right?

So head on over and get yourself a little something for Mother’s Day!

Look at all you do. You deserve it!

And my little disclaimer: I was given a homeschool planning notebook for free from Mama’s Notebooks, but my opinion is all my own. Really — as an official office supply coper, this little guy is better than a cupcake :)

6 thoughts on “Getting organized with Mama’s Notebooks

  1. molly says:

    Hi Kara! Thanks so much for the rec! I just ordered mine and can’t wait! I’ve been searching for the planner that is just right…xo

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