What every homeschool mom really wants for Mother’s Day


Hey husbands of homeschoolers!

Welcome! I am so glad you’re here. Although I’m a little perplexed, because according to Facebook statistics, about 97 percent of my readership is female.

So weird, right?

But if you are reading this, you no doubt are looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift for your lovely wife, who works hard to help your kids learn every day.

What a blessing she is.

Have you told her that lately? That she’s awesome? That she has such patience? That she’s looks great in her yoga pants? That ponytails suit her? That bagels and Pirates Booty are your favorite dinner?

Go ahead and do that now.


Thank you. That was probably gift enough for her.

All homeschool moms — all moms – just really want to be appreciated.

So although that alone was probably plenty for the angel who lovingly helps educate your amazing children, it shouldn’t be enough for you, brother.

Your wife is a nurturing, multi-tasking rock star, so throw a couple of these in your figurative shopping cart along with some chocolate ice cream and a John Cusack movie.

It’s time to win Mother’s Day, my friend:

Homeschooling mamas need time to plan, breathe and yeah -- watch Jimmy Fallon doing lip sync battles with other famous people.

Homeschooling mamas need time to plan, breathe and yeah — watch Jimmy Fallon doing lip sync battles with other famous people.

1. Peace.

This may mean a hot bath, an hour alone to read, a 30-minute walk or a nap. Your wife probably needs this sometimes because being home all day with kids can be tough.

Every once in a while, offer to take the kids to the park or out for ice cream.

Homeschool mamas need occasional breathers.

2. Your support.

Homeschooling is a doubt-filled proposition.

Homeschooling moms question themselves. A LOT.

(Because they are doing a REALLY important job — they want to get it right.)

So when you notice your wife awake at 1 a.m., muttering about algebra, or you see her on the verge of tears because the stupid science experiment isn’t doing what Pinterest said it should do, I want you to look her in the eye and tell her it’s going to be OK.

She needs you to believe in her, not so that she can believe in herself, but so that she can know it’s OK to be vulnerable and not have all the answers all the time.

This is what creativity looks like. Just don't step on the creativity, because creativity hurts like a son-of-a-gun.

This is what creativity looks like. Just don’t step on the creativity, because creativity hurts like a son-of-a-gun.

3. Your patience and understanding.

When there are Legos all over the floor. When there are clay sculptures drying on every flat surface of your house. When the only thing in the fridge is crusty mustard and 7 olives.

When families make the commitment to homeschool, they are making the commitment to make education a huge part of their life. That can be messy.

So pitch in. Set a good example. Little people are watching, and they learn so much from you, even if you aren’t the primary homeschooling parent.

4. Your respect.

Your wife isn’t “just a mom.” She doesn’t just “stay home with the kids.”

She is educating people who you helped make.

And in a lot of homeschooling households, it’s likely that she is touching a lot of your food before you eat it.

Think about that for a minute.

5. Your friendship.

At her lowest, most stressed moments, every homeschool mom needs a confidant — a best friend — someone to make her laugh and help her feel like she did before she had so much responsibility.

Isn’t that another lady’s job?? you might be asking yourself.

No. Female friendship is wonderful, but there’s a reason she married you. You can be her ultimate safe place. You can be the person who knows all her secrets, and loves her anyway.

This is a gift for your children too, knowing that you love their mom.

You could cook her a fancy breakfast, but isn't it easier to facilitate her being able to tinkle without an audience?

You could cook her a fancy breakfast, but isn’t it easier to facilitate her being able to tinkle without an audience?

So this Mother’s Day — I want you to look at that lady who you love, and tell her that she is rocking this homeschool business.

If you aren’t a husband or partner, and you know a mama who homeschools, same rules apply.

(And for anyone who knows a single homeschooling mama, support and encouragement is even more important.)

There are plenty of nice things that you can give the homeschooling mom in your life:

  • You can take lots of pictures of her with your kids.
  • You can make handprint mosaics or have your kids create cards.
  • You and the kids can make a list of what makes her special.
  • You can give her kid coupons for hugs, kisses and family movie nights.
  • You can buy her scented candles or bubble bath. (But not toasters.)
  • You can give her a gift card to the book store or spa. (But not irons.)

But don’t forget the more important stuff you can give her every day: peace, patience, love, support and friendship.

I promise – they will benefit your home(school) and life in so many ways.

And to all my homeschooling sisters, happiest of Mother’s Days to you. Never doubt that what you are doing is incredibly valuable.

Your kids might not often say it, but they love you — just the way you are.

Much love,


13 thoughts on “What every homeschool mom really wants for Mother’s Day

  1. molly says:

    Kara, this is so hilarious and so sweet! Thank you for saying it all so gracefully! Happy Mother’s Day to you!! xo

  2. cami says:

    I love reading your words. I get so much comfort from the past few blogs. You know just what to say to keep this mama in the right state of mind. I loved the your blog about your horrible homemaking homeschooling. I look around the house. A lot got done, but none of it homemaking. I felt way overwhelmed then I saw your blog. I just felt like someone understands. Ok I am not so bad .At least we got a lot of creative homeschooling done. I am learning to look at the mess now and sing ,Let it Go Let it Go for now anyway. Cami ( Homeschool mom of four.)

    • Aww Cami, We are all doing the best we can, right? And my first priority just isn’t a fancy house with matchy throw pillows. I am happy if I remember to scoop the litter box! I really think that what our kids will remember most from these years is us being with them — being there for them. And that’s what really matters most :)

  3. Shannon says:

    Okay, you almost made me cry with the husband is the safe haven! That is so true and perfect! I forwarded this to him!

  4. Mary says:

    I laughed out loud to ‘creativity hurts like a son-of-a-gun’! So true. Gotta love those Legos.
    Great post!

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